Linthouse Community Shop

Linthouse Community Shop An article by Chris Stephens MP - Glasgow South West If you’ve been following my role as the Chair of Good Food Scotland, you’re likely aware of the impactful and affordable food projects I’ve been actively involved in. These initiatives are crafted to address the crucial issue of access

Invisible Membership Scheme!

Invisible Membership Scheme! Dear Friends/Supporters, We’re excited to unveil a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to make a meaningful impact to the Good Food Scotland mission. Here’s how it works: You can become a member of the Good Food Scotland community by signing up for an “Invisible Membership” for just £1

An Exciting New Addition!

An Exciting New Addition! Great news! Our Kennishead Larder has a new and stylish shop counter, thanks to the talented Jim from Vertex. He skilfully crafted and installed it for us at no cost. We're excited about the result and can't wait for everyone to see it - we're confident it'll make

We’re Hiring!

We're Hiring! In partnership with Toryglen Community Base, we are actively looking for a Larder Co-ordinator. CV's will be accepted now and the closing date is Friday 26th January at 5pm. If you're interested please follow the link below Our Facebook page is live, please follow and like

Our Cardonald larder is now open!

Opening of our new Cardonald Larder. Good Food Scotland are incredibly proud to announce the launch of our third affordable food Larder, in partnership with our wonderful friends at Southside Housing Association, which opened on Tuesday 7th March. The Cardonald Larder is based in 12 Swinton Place, Cardonald, G52 2EA and is

Kennishead Larder Opens

Kennishead Larder Opens. Doors opened at 10am and we had people queued outside waiting to come in and shop. Once inside we think it's safe to say we had very happy new KL Members! Happy with the fruit and veg, pies, tinned goods, frozen goods, jams, tuna, fruit juice, free sanitary products,

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