Invisible Membership Scheme!

Dear Friends/Supporters,

We’re excited to unveil a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to make a meaningful impact to the Good Food Scotland mission.

Here’s how it works: You can become a member of the Good Food Scotland community by signing up for an “Invisible Membership” for just £1 per month.
What makes this membership special is that unlike our standard Larder Members, you won’t be using our affordable food spaces.
Instead, you’ll be contributing directly to their sustainability and ongoing success.

Designed for those who want to support our cause financially without utilising our physical spaces, becoming an Invisible Member not only supports our cause but also demonstrates a creative way businesses and individuals can make a difference in their own communities.
When you really think about it, what does £1 buy you these days? Half a cup of coffee? A bar of chocolate?
How about making that £1 resonate with lasting significance?

Quick heads up: Our “Invisible Memberships” won’t grant you invisibility superpowers – you’ll still be as visible and awesome as ever! 😄 It’s just our cheeky way of adding a fun twist to supporting our cause.
Ready to join without a disappearing act? Sign up here:

Thank you!